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  • appearance, appearing to
  • an illuminating discovery often resulting in a personal feeling of elation
  • (proper noun, capitalized) Christian feast celebrating the appearance of Jesus Christ to the world, traditionally celebrated on January 6, the day after the twelfth day of Christmas.
  • season or time of the Christian church year from the Epiphany feast day to Mardi Gras, the day before Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

E*piph"a*ny (?), n. [F. épiphanie, L. epiphania, Gr. 'epifa`nia (sc. &?;), for 'epifa`neia appearance, fr. 'epifai`nein to show forth; 'epi` + fai`nein to show. See Fancy.] 1. An appearance, or a becoming manifest.

Whom but just before they beheld transfigured and in a glorious epiphany upon the mount.
Jer. Taylor.

An epic poet, if ever such a difficult birth should make its epiphany in Paris.
De Quincey.

2. (Eccl.) A church festival celebrated on the 6th of January, the twelfth day after Christmas, in commemoration of the visit of the Magi of the East to Bethlehem, to see and worship the child Jesus; or, as others maintain, to commemorate the appearance of the star to the Magi, symbolizing the manifestation of Christ to the Gentles; Twelfthtide.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Epiphany, as observed in the Christian Church, is a festival held on the 12th day after Christmas, in commemoration of the manifestation of Christ to the Magi of the East; but up to the close of the 4th century the festival also commemorated the incarnation of Christ as well as the divine manifestation at His baptism.
- Wikipedia

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