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There's simply no easier way to freecycle than with GreenGonzo. If you need something, you can search for it here and get it for free. If you don't need something, you can give it to somebody who does. Its as simple as that!

Recommended Links

This page contains links to related sites recommended by GreenGonzo.
Friends of the Earth inspires solutions to environmental problems which make life better for people. is a one-stop recycling information centre. You will find help and advice on all aspects of recycling at home, at school and in the workplace.
Waste Watch is the leading national organisation promoting and encouraging action on the 3Rs - waste reduction, reuse and recycling. is the UK's only independent dedicated website for businesses, local government and community groups involved in recycling and waste management. is a site aimed at encouraging and supporting households to think and act more sustainably in a lively, interactive and interesting way.
123 Kidz - Your Family Internet Directory exists to reduce the amount of waste we as individuals create - it provides a way for people with unwanted items to get in touch with others who can make use of them. is a resource portal for sustainable development.
EcoEstates is designed to help you find products and services to enable you to live more sustainably.
Reduce The Use aims to encourage the owners of Small and Micro Businesses to become more environmentally aware. There are sound business reasons to become involved and to realise the importance of complying with environmental legislation, saving energy, reducing waste, recycling and taking other positive steps towards sustainability.

The Green Providers Directory has links to hundreds of natural, green goods and services including renewable energy suppliers, fair trade clothing, gifts and gadgets.

Home Advisor advice on Environmental Home Remodeling: Recycling and Composting
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With GreenGonzo item search you can find things which people are giving away in your area. By registering, which is of course free and takes only a minute, you can give away things to people and spread genorosity and good will throughout this green and pleasant land.

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